When you're driving any vehicle – but especially when you're driving a high-performance vehicle such as a Maserati – it's important to make sure that your brake rotors are in good working order, and aren't warped or worn. It's also important to make sure that your brake lines are in-tact, your brake fluid is adequately filled, and your brake pads have enough cushion to stop you safely every time.

When To Know If It's Time To Have Brake Service Completed

Not sure if your vehicle is in need of brake service? Here are some signs that may indicate it's time to bring your Maserati into our service center for a brake inspection:


  • Spongy brake pedal feel
  • Shuddering or shaking upon stopping
  • Coming to a full-stop is taking a longer time than usual
  • You hear noises (i.e. screeching or grinding) when stopping
  • Your brake service light is on


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