Origins of the Maserati Trident Emblem

In many cultures, imitation is considered one of the great forms of flattery. Imagine, then, just how flattered Neptune must be. For about a century, Maserati has been using a trident - now also known as the Saetta logo - as its emblem.

It was in the 1920s when the Maserati brothers decided they needed a new logo to be the face of their company. They thought, and searched, and scoured, and came up blank. They wanted an icon that would represent both the Italian lineage of their vehicles and the performance capability and excellence they embodied. It wasn't until Mario Maserati - one of the brothers that decided to focus on art rather than automobiles - stepped in that a decision was finally made. The logo would be a reinterpretation of Neptune's famous trident - an instrument that held the power and command of the sea in its three points.

The modern Maserati trident emblem, or Saetta logo, then, is a symbol of what it means to drive a Maserati. As a conscious decision, driving one of these luxurious sports cars is indicative of your own power and potential. And of course, you choose to buy from a company that originates in seven brothers with a dream - and the ensuing century or so of automotive ingenuity that followed thereafter.

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