Is there a right and a wrong way to wash your car? There is if you're a car care expert. Leading car care experts agree that when it comes to washing a car, following the below tips is an essential way to keep your vehicle clean, shiny, and defect-free. So without further ado, here are some tips & tricks to make washing your Maserati like a detailing pro.


  • Use two buckets, not one: Using a wash bucket and rinse bucket, preferably both with grit guards installed in the bottom of each, helps you avoid swirling your paint with debris and contaminants.
  • Use a soft sponge or chamois: That old kitchen sponge isn't suitable for the clear coat on your Maserati. Instead, use a dedicated car-wash sponge, chamois, or natural-bristle brush to gently cleanse your paint.
  • Dry your vehicle to prevent water spots: Use a soft microfiber towel, a water blade, or better yet, a forced air dryer to gently remove water and prevent mineral deposits from drying into water spots on your vehicle.
  • Don't wash in direct sunlight or overly hot temperatures: Hot temps and sun dry your soap and evaporate your water, leaving residue and contaminants on your vehicle's finish, so avoid washing in these conditions!
  • If it touches the ground, don't touch your paint with it: Don't use a sponge or wash mitt that's been dropped, even if you rinse it off. This is by far the easiest way to dull your paint finish by instilling swirls and scratches in it, potentially reducing your vehicle's resale value over time.


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