Looking for a vehicle with standard AWD to help you power through any Broomfield back road or freeway during all four seasons? The Maserati Levante helps you tackle whatever twists and turns; ice and snow; rain or sun lies up ahead, helping to maximize both performance and traction, depending on the circumstances. Here's how.

How Does Maserati Q4 Intelligent AWD Work?

Maserati Q4 Intelligent AWD is different than other AWD systems, and different than a traditional 4x4 or 4WD system. How? Traditional 4WD systems once required you to deflate and re-inflate your vehicle's tires, making them helpful in certain conditions but far from practical for everyday driving. Modern full-time 4WD systems are more convenient, but you don't always need the power of all your wheels working overtime.

On the other hand, Maserati intelligent AWD automatically sends power solely to the rear wheels – not unlike how most sports cars are powered – for optimal performance during good driving conditions. When the weather gets questionable, however, and the AWD system detects wheel slippage or loss of traction, power is automatically – and instantaneously – sent to the wheels that require it. As such, Maserati Q4 AWD represents the pinnacle of modern traction-control innovation, setting the Levante and other Maserati Q4 AWD-equipped vehicles apart from the competition.

Find Your Next Maserati with AWD in Broomfield Today

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