Are you the proud driver of a Maserati? Congratulations! Are you waxing it regularly or having it detailed? You should be. Here's why.

The Importance of Waxing Your Maserati

Today's vehicle paint is advanced. When your Maserati is painted, it's first covered with a primer, then a base-coat. On top of the base coat, there's typically a clear coat. And though this clear coat is durable, it's also subject to oxidation, scratching and swirling, and other environmental contamination. From water spots to bird etchings to UV rays, there are many things you want to protect your Maserati's paint from. The good news is that a coat of wax does wonders for vehicle paint, providing a layer of much-needed protection.

How to Properly Wax a Car

To properly wax a car, you must first prep its paint. That requires a thorough wash, and paint contamination treatment (often called "claying"). While washing and claying, strict attention must be paid to not dropping the wash mitt or clay bar, which causes these items to pick up contaminants and scratch or swirl the paint on your vehicle. Sometimes, after claying, a paint correction or polish is needed to bring out the best shine. Our detailers here at Sill-TerHar Maserati are aware of the best detailing practices to follow to make sure that your vehicle gets the TLC it deserves. They'll also know if your vehicle needs claying or polishing before waxing, and they'll know how to conduct these detailing procedures expertly.

Ready for a Coat of Wax? Now is the Time to Schedule a Detailing Appointment!

With the arrival of fall, you may be getting ready to put your car into storage. Even if you're not, with cold weather approaching, now's the perfect time to have your vehicle prepped with a coat of wax. When you're ready, contact us to schedule your next vehicle detailing or service appointment! We can't wait to help your vehicle shine its brightest with a fresh coat of wax!