Maserati is no stranger to creating high-performance luxury vehicles. With a long history of automotive excellence, it no surprise that many driving enthusiasts make Maserati their auto manufacturer of choice. And now, this iconic brand is celebrating 106 years of building cars that are truly worth driving.

106 Years of Automotive Excellence

To celebrate 106 years of automotive excellence, Maserati has released a detailed video reviewing their past while simultaneously looking toward the future. The video is called “Maserati A-Z” and covers quite a bit in its four minutes. It is something that Maserati lovers and automotive enthusiasts are likely to enjoy watching.

Over the past 106 years, Maserati has not been afraid to innovate in order to push the automotive envelope. From design to powertrains, Maserati has always been at the forefront of the automotive industry. When you watch the commemorative video, you will see how all of this played out in order to build the Maserati that we know today.

Shopping for a New Maserati?

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