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Happy Valentine's Day from Sill-TerHar Maserati!

Here at Sill-TerHar Maserati, we'd like to wish everyone, coupled or not, a Happy Valentine's Day! Here at our new & used Maserati dealership, we try our best to treat all of our customers the way we'd want a loved one to treat us – with respect, care, and focused attention...

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A Classic Never Goes Out of Style

It's not a secret that the Maserati GranTurismo has largely retained the same exterior design for several years now. But the folks at Maserati have kept the GranTurismo largely similar for good reason – a work of classic Italian design simply never goes out of style. But in case you were wondering what the newest iteration of the Maserati GranTurismo offers, here's an overview of its most appealing highlights for 2019...

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Apply for Automotive Financing Online

Ready to purchase or lease your next Maserati? Here at Sill-Ter Har Maserati, we want to help! We can assist you in finding your ideal new Maserati in multiple ways, from helping you decide on a budget, to giving you all your options for packages, colors, trims, and even new Maserati models. But the single-biggest way in which we constantly help customers like you is through our competitive automotive financing!

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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter in Broomfield

Winter brings snow, slush, traffic, and road closures and delays to all of us here in Broomfield. The cold season also can create many rough road conditions, marked with potholes and icy patches that can cause damage to your vehicle or create situations that give rise to accidents and auto damage. This winter, here at Sill-TerHar Motors, we want to help you better prepare for winter driving. That said, here's a list of helpful tips to abide by this season to help you make the most of it while on-the-road...

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Current Offers: Maserati Levante


Looking to get behind-the-wheel of a Maserati Levante luxury SUV before-year's-end? Here at Sill-TerHar Maserati, we're always thinking up ways to better serve the loyal customers that have made it possible for us to stay in business for as long as we have. Now that we're well in the middle of fall, fast on the heels of winter, chances are, you're looking to find a new vehicle that is ready to tackle Broomfield winter weather and all that entails. And if you're here, that means the vehicle you're likely looking for is none other…

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The New Maserati Quattroporte: Details Matter

When you're writing a Blog Post like this one, details matter. You probably noticed the capitol letters. You caught that too? Yeah – there's a difference between capital and capital. Details matter in car-design and production, too. They can be the difference between a comfortable and well-appointed vehicle and an ultra-luxurious vehicle like the Maserati Quattroporte.

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